Don’t Grow Up! It’s a Trap!

You wake up on a Monday morning, wondering, “Where did all the fun go?” Life used to be so much more than just working your butt off on a 40-hour workweek. Is it really unavoidable? Why did growing up entail putting work ahead of actually having a life? When you’re stressed from all the deadlines, responsibilities and schedules, then maybe it’s time for a break. Remember the feeling of hours passing by in an instant when you were totally absorbed in what you were doing? Well, you can still capture that magic. Here are ways you can return to being your childlike self again and maybe learning something totally new along the way.

Just Say No!

Say no to activities or situations which no longer pique your interest. After you take care of your life’s responsibilities, choose to do something which requires absolutely NO responsibility on your part. Hang out with friends, go to the movies, take a midday nap, order in, binge watch a popular Netflix series. Whatever tickles your fancy, do it and do it NOW!

Learn How To Speak In A Different Language

This may sound a bit off the cuff, but traveling outside of the country not only broadens your horizons to innumerable possibilities and experiences, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore other cultures and customs. It’s high time to travel and learn a new language to satisfy both your inner child and adult self. Besides, the practice puts your brain to work and staves off early memory loss.

Work With Nature

Ever wonder if you’re good at growing things? Now is the time to find out. Working in a garden gets you the exercise while being an outlet for releasing all that pent-up stress. You’ll find yourself relaxing and anticipating the growth of your precious plants or beautiful flowers. Also, there is nothing like a peaceful walk in a natural landscape to get those spiritual juices flowing. Seriously! I tried this recently and it absolutely blew my mind away. I walked in the woods reading and praying and felt intensely connected to the Divine source. I felt like a child waiting for her imaginary friend to pop out from behind a tree. I swear the woods were listening. This experience will undoubtedly make you feel more alive and at ease.

Ignore People Who Tell You To Act Your Age

Age is just a number that tells you how long you’ve been living in this world. By no means is it a rule to grow up and snub all those fun things you did as a child. In fact, exciting adventures are more important than ever if you wish to survive today’s society! So when people say that you should act your age, ignore them. Instead, listen to your inner child and do the things that make you happy.

Release Your Inner Artist

Get that woodworking table, that sewing machine or that color palette set out and do some creative work with it. Learned the guitar or violin decades ago? Haul it out and dust off the cobwebs. Join a local community band for some group playtime. Remember, it’s played if you’re having fun not worrying about the results.

Transform Workouts Into Play-Outs

Even working out and exercising can be turned into a fun routine to satisfy the kid inside you. Rediscover the physical activities you used to play as a child. Find something that gives you satisfaction while you flex your muscles. Ever tried cycling or doing some wall climbing? How about unique sporty endeavors such as gyrating to a hula hoop, dancing to salsa or roller skating? The possibilities are quite endless.

Happiness Can Stave Off Those Wrinkles

It’s true! Individuals who follow their heart and put aside some “me time” to play are much younger-looking than their grumpy counterparts. They have fewer wrinkles and lines as compared to those who frown, furrow their foreheads and think of nothing but responsibilities. Happiness staves off old and dried skin, which makes you feel younger by a few years.


In effect, NOT growing up provides immense benefits for your mind, your daily mood, your health, and your overall lifestyle. Everything, including your life, social life, and relationships with others improve if you keep an open mind and welcome fun as soon as it lands on your doorstep. Unleash your inner kid now!

What are some ways you have unleashed your Inner Child?

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